The Vegan Lemon is designed to discuss matters important to us today. I see our health declining, animals hurting, the world screaming. But I also see the increasing awareness of these issues by humanity, our kindness is expanding and I know we can fix the mass errors of our mass ways.

I believe change never ends, and there is always a new discovery waiting for us around the bend. I want to be present. I want to be a part of the change.

In The Vegan Lemon, the plan is to canvass a variety of topics to assist in our journey to a better world and for all that encompasses it.

Topics of discussion will include:


Mental health and personalities

Travel and culture

World issues (environment and animal rights)

The Arts (books, art, music, film & TV)

Freedom fighters, powerful movements, influential people

Food (plant based) and health



My name is Betty and I am The Vegan Lemon! I am of Iraqi/Iranian descent. My parents left The Middle East in the late seventies and migrated to Australia in the eighties. I grew up in Queensland, settling in the northern parts thanks to my job (once you go NQ, you just can't go back). I grew up with conscience for the environment, thanks to my mother - the environmental engineer ("Stop wasting water") and my father - the electrical engineer ("Turn off the light").

I claim to be the minority of all minorities: female, ethnic immigrant, lesbian, introvert, HSP, vegan... and I love it, but it has brought some challenges over the years. But I'm here, and through my blogging journey, I hope to find peace and true love within my self, and help others and our planet along the way.

Photo: Meet my gorgeous family: Whitney (my heart, my rock, my driver), Braxton 51 (our perfect Golden boy), Bella (our bossy one-eyed girl) and our oldest sweetheart, Beau (which he is only ever called when he's in trouble).