The Vegan Lemon

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

For those who don't know, "Lemon" is an Australian slang word for "Lesbian". Although its origins used to describe an "unattractive female" back in the 80's (sour face), I've always worn it proudly because I LOVE lemons (one of nature’s gifts) and I think it's a gentler word than "Lesbian". Each to their own, but I like it.

I am a "Lemon" and I am also vegan. I originally wanted to call the site Another Vegan Lemon, because honestly, we are a rapidly growing community. I sometimes feel the straight/meat-eating community roll their eyes when they meet, "yet another vegan lesbian". I'm proud of it. I believe it represents the lesbian community as kind, adaptable to change and caring. Again, each to their own but I am proud to be "yet another vegan lesbian" - a vegan lemon.

I am currently on stress leave from my current job, and dealing with some intense mental health related issues. My work is front line and I'm on my fourteenth year of it. I am doing everything I can to heal myself, and one tip I'm repeatedly hearing is "journaling" or "blogging" really helps get you out of depressive states.

I am an extremely private person. I am not on social media. I'm on the end of the introvert spectrum and I am also a Highly Sensitive Person. This is going to be fun. I have been on a pretty unique journey and I have a lot to share. I'm going to give it a go because already I'm feeling a little motivation return. I've gotten this far right?

With the help of my beautiful more bubbly and lively significant other of five years, I hope to bring you into my world - past and present. In this world, I wish to share thoughts and discoveries on what resonates with me - the environment, veganism, health, kindness, FOOD and so much more.

Thank you for reading thus far. Please click here if you wish to read more about the page and me. Otherwise, enjoy my first post on Vitamin D and chronic pain.

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